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Implement These 3 Productivity Hacks Today

Productivity and efficiency are the popular buzz words lately as more and more business owners try to make the most of their time during a busy day. No matter how hard you try, you simply cannot do everything yourself when it comes to running your business. Investing in your business not only decreases stress but it makes your business run more smoothly, therefore increasing profits.

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5 Money-Making Action Tasks to Grow Your Business

Inaction is the death of any business. Without taking regular action every single day to grow your business, inaction will cause your business to become stagnant. Clients will disappear, your sales funnel will be empty, and your revenue will dip to zero in a heartbeat.

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Is Your Website Legal?

There are many legal requirements for websites, and not having them can get you into trouble. Find out what you need to know here.

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QR Codes Are Making A Comeback

Once a QR Code is “scanned” the encoded information will automatically trigger a range of actions.  Think of them as the “new” hyperlinks and bookmarks of the InterWeb.

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Are Spiders and Robots Eating up All Your Bandwidth?

During a client launch, we noticed the client’s hosting account showing a dramatic spike in server load (also known as Bandwidth or CPU seconds).  This sudden server load was causing site slowdowns and errors and even the suspension of the website at one point by the hosting company.

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