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Supportive #Hashtags for Covid 19

As the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic continues to sweep the globe, health authorities are urging people to #StayAtHome and self-isolate, in a bid to #FlattenTheCurve. While we’re forced indoors to hide away, so many of us are turning to social media to stay connected – not just to our friends and family – but to the world at large.

As a result a genre of hashtags has shown up to curate the conversation. At last check, there were over 150 active tags in use across all social platforms. Here are the most popular and positive ones.


All about bringing people together at time when we are staying apart.


This hashtag popped up in mid-March in Canada as a counterbalance to some of the scaremongering we have seen on social media and online. The intent is to share all of the good things that are happening in Canada in one hashtag – a single source of uplifting news in uncertain times. It has since evolved into groups in cities across the country where people offer help to those who need it.


Originally a public service announcement-type hashtag, it has been adopted as a rally cry on a number of posts.


Started by Kevin Bacon to show support for staying at home, you can use this to share the reasons you are staying at home.


A combination of serious and not so serious plans to get through the pandemic and social distancing. Plenty of memes, gifs, junk-food eating plans and self-help tips to see you through your day indoors.


Taking inspiration from healthcare workers’ pleas for the public to ‘stay at home,’ the challenge sees social media users showcasing all their most imaginative ways to pass the time while hanging out at home.


Originally a public service announcement-type hashtag, it has been adopted as a rally cry on a number of posts. Again, the are a few variants here – #StaySafe and #StayHomeStaySafe being one of them.


Less a hashtag and more an overarching concept, but social media users have taken to using it with content related to Social Distancing – everything from fails, humor, and practical tips.


This hashtag has been associated with everything from streaming impromptu concerts to book reading to live art demonstrations. Together At Home started as a virtual concert series in partnership with WHO to help us all practice social distancing and promote global health.


We know that we are not going to be able to go outside for a while, this hashtag shares to the rest of the world the view from your window…. all from the comfort of your couch.


An encouraging stream of content around persistence and persevering.

Don’t forget all the normal hashtags you use in your social media content. Keep in mind your voice, the voices of others at this time and you will be fine!

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