Is Your Website Working
For You or Against You?

Are you struggling with your website’s...
Speed? Customer Experience? SEO? Security?

Poor website performance is directly linked to the number of engaged visitors at the website which directly contributes to the number of leads you are able to generate from the website.

Performance issues can include:

  • $Overall site loading time and speed resulting in higher wait times
  • $Website that is not mobile-optimized, and not easy to accessible across devices
  • $Content not optimized for conversion
  • $Poor user experience resulting in less traffic and lower engagement
  • $Website that is not SEO optimized for better search results
  • $Lack of trust factors turning visitors away

Our Website Performance Review Includes



53% of visitors leave if a website does not load in 3 seconds. We test your website’s load time, user requests response, and page size to expedite page speed.

What We Review
Page Speed
Google Core Vitals
… and more


With omnichannel marketing on the rise, a website’s ability to fit within different screen sizes is key. We assess the fluidity of your page layout to ensure your website renders correctly on all platforms.

What We Review
Mobile & Other Device Friendliness
Standard Resolutions
… and more
UI and UX


57% of users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website. To ensure a seamless UI/UX, we check your website’s usability, navigation, and overall experience.

What We Review
Website Complexity
Calls To Action
Heat Maps (if you have them in place)
… and more


Outdated technologies curb your system’s functionalities and make it vulnerable to attacks and breaches. We check the versions of your website’s platform and other tools for timely upgrades and scalability.

What We Review
Website Host
Domain Registrar
Email Configuration
Use of CDN
WordPress Configuration
WordPress Themes and Plugins
… and more


Privacy & security is always a priority for users as well as online businesses. To ensure your website’s safety, we evaluate its data security, integrity, and confidentiality measures thoroughly.

What We Review
HTTPS / SSL Certificate
Security Tools
Website Hardening
Website Updates
Cookie Statements
… and more


The internet is crowded and the what works for search engine ranking is ever evolving. We help you to identify what will get you the best visibility for your industry.

What We Review
Social Media Integration
Lead Capture
… and more

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A Performance Review Take

It depedns on the time it takes to get the information we require to begin the review and the complexity of any issues we encounter.

Afterwards, we document our findings and schedule a (no more than) 30 minute call to discuss what we found.

Generally, the entire process takes 2 weeks.

What Do I Need To Provide?

After purchase you will receive an email from us with a link to a short questionnaire on your business as well as a contract with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) .

We will also be asking for “admin level” access to your web host, domain registrar, website, Google Tools, and other platforms critical to your business.

We will also be installing a a plugin on your website that will allow us to collect information on your website configuration.  The plugin DOES NOT collect any personally identifiable information, user ids, emails or passwords.  Once the performance review is complete, we will delete the plugin.

What Happens After The Review Is Complete?

We will fix what we can within a 60 minute timeframe. This could include outdated plugins, missing SSL certificate, no security or backups.

Some things are a more complex to fix. This could be underperforming website hosting, outdated PHP, critical software that is no longer supported or missing privacy policies or other legaleze.

If you do not have the time or expertise to implement our recommendations, no problem, we can do it for you. Afterwards, one of our Care Plans can ensure that your website continues to perform at peak efficiency.

If you have a team (or time) and need help with implementation, we can “coach” you through putting our recommendations in place, and provide training to that you can manage your website “in house” going forward.

Are We Provided With a Report?


We provide you with a written review along with our recommendations.

You also receive a recording of the call where we present our findings.

There Are Plenty Of Free Tools Out There - Why Don't I Use One Of Them?

Free tools are great (we like free ourselves), but they often lack the in-depth analysis of paid tools and “eyeballs on your website” to give you some real insight into any issues with your website.

They will also not prioritize and actions you should take.

It’s important to remember that not all tools audit everything on your site – you may have to use several to get a broad overview.

Do you have time for that?

What's Included In The Website Performance Review?

70+ point assessment of your website and hosting in PDF format.

Comparison of your results against 1 of your competitors (specified by you) in PDF format.

60 minutes of our tech time to resolve as many issues as we are able.

30 minute consultation with one of our coaches to talk about the results of your PERFORMANCE REVIEW and NEXT STEPS.

Why Should We Partner With Digital Chicks?

Hey, we understand any trust issues you may have. Our industry does not always have the best reputation and we have had client join us who have a variety of not-so-great experiences with other freelancers and team.

We have dozens (and dozens) of Care Plan clients who rely on us every single month to keep their online business investment safe, up to date, and performing well. And we have the feedback to support that.

Our team has been in the tech and online fields for a long time. We have worked in all levels of government, healthcare, non-profits and for profit organizations.

We have our own coaches as well – so what we don’t know, we have an extended team of partners to turn to.

Our clients are coaches, authors, speakers, educators, real estate agents, alternative health care providers, photographers, dog trainers and so on.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our results!

We all know the importance of
first impressions


of sales are lost due to a poor-performing website.


Don’t Let That Happen To You!

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