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Simply Skilled Teaching

Anna DiGilio was a 2nd grade teacher for over 20 years.  During that time she developed many resources that she sold through the Teachers Pay Teachers sales site.

In 2016 she participated Stu McLaren’s Tribe program and decided to launch a membership site for 2nd and 3rd grade teachers where she would release new resources in 10 different categories each month.  For this project she needed a sales site as well as a membership site integrated with a payment processor system that could handle recurring monthly and annual payments.


Since her initial launch in January 2017, has grown to over 6,000 members. While she offered monthly and annual membership options, the challenge has always been to retain members month after month, especially after Year 1.


This project required a robust membership platform that could accommodate growth, was simple to maintain, and offered clear navigation for the members. In addition, she had a sales funnel that offered free content to let new prospects know, love and trust her so that when she opened her cart twice a year, prospects would take advantage of her membership offer.


  1. Discovery: Details about what exactly was to be offered, how and when were established.
  2. Planning: Anna decided she wanted to use her graphics designer to create the images used on the membership site to be consistent with her product branding. We had to determine the best WordPress theme and membership plugin to address the various membership levels she wanted. Since she had not taken payments for products we also had to determine a payment processor that would provide recurring subscriptions integrated with the membership plugin. She also realized that she would be using a few affiliates to promote her membership and needed a system to monitor those sales so she could process their payments. Because she was going to use a PLF (Product Launch Formula) style launch, we also decided all the pages, emails, tagging and launch dates needed to make her cart opening on January 1st.
  3. Design/development: All the membership pages were set up in WordPress with access controlled by the Wishlist Member plugin. The PLF-style launch funnel required setup of Infusionsoft campaigns integrated to WordPress sales and opt-in pages.
  4. Testing: Testing of all 4 membership levels was performed on a wide variety of desktop and mobile devices and browsers. Integration with the payment processor was also tested.
  5. Launch: Sales pages and their links were activated in accordance to the launch schedule. The cart was closed 7 days later and a “membership closed” page with an opt-in to find out when the next enrolment was set up and integrated with Infusionsoft.

The Tech

  • Responsive Mobile Friendly Layout WordPress CMS using the Divi Theme
  • WishList Member
  • WordPress Download Manager (to document resources downloaded by members)
  • Amazon S3 Integration (content delivery and storage)
  • ThriveCart (integrated with Stripe for payment processing and for processing affiliate orders)
  • Infusionsoft Integration (CRM and handling emails and autoresponders)
  • Facebook (private group for members/support)
  • Facebook LIVE (for promotions and Facebook ads)
  • ZenDesk (customer support / help desk portal)

I Am Forever Grateful

“How can I possibly put into words how grateful I am to you! You have helped me create such a thriving business and I KNOW this wouldn’t be possible without you. I truly appreciate all of your support and guidance as I make my way through “learning” how to run a business! I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it. You keep me sane and I am forever grateful!”

Anna DiGilio
Simply Skilled Teaching

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