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Why People Join a Membership Site

What is a membership site?

A membership site is a subscription-based online business where people pay for regular access to exclusive content. Online memberships and courses have continued to skyrocket because people are willing to pay for convenience, for exclusivity, for knowledge, and for community.

That’s where membership (and course) sites come in. They are structured in such a way to meet the particular needs of the members at a price point they are willing to pay.

Why do people join membership sites?

Understanding this is key to being able to effectively position, market, run and grow a successful membership business. Far too often, it is the last thing we think of. We get caught up in the features of what is being offerred – the videos and the downloads and the member-only perks – instead of focusing on the deeper reasons why someone might join your site.

There are a number of reasons people join and stay in a membership site. More often than not, there are multiple reasons. Here are the top 5.

For educational purposes

There is a specific knowledge gap that they are looking to fill. You have a particular knowledge, skill, ability that they do not.

There are endless examples of this from dog training to learning to play guitar to learning how to restore a classic car.

They are looking for transformation

There is a transformation that they are looking to achieve and they want clear directions, support, and gudance on how to achieve that transformation.

Your unique roadmap or blueprint is gold to keep them focused, motivated and accountable towards achieving their goals.

They want content that is easy and timely to access

People are willing to pay for convenience. The internet is flooded with free resources, however free doesn’t necessarily mean high quality.

It is also too exhausting for most people to sift through the volumes of search results. Have you ever tried to find something by Googling it? Try Paleo diet, or yoga, or weight training. The search results are overwhelming and after a while you realize that you are watching crazy cat videos (we have lost many an evening down that particular rabbit hole) and cannot remember why you launched Google in the first place.

For community and a sense of belonging

Many of the people who join membership sites share similar goals. They are willing to invest to be surrounded by people who are like them.

Networking and connecting with others who know exactly what they’re going through and can provide support and encouragement that they may not find elsewhere.

They want more access to you

Need to move from the one-to-one model of working with clients? Or offer them the next step after working directly with you?

A membership site is a perfect way to provide continuity and a new way to work with your clients listen to what your one on one clients or audience tell you and build and see if there is a connection with what you really want to do and what your vision for your business.


There isn’t really a right or wrong answer when it comes to whether it’s better to create an online course or a membership site. What’s important is that you choose the best approach for your topic, your audience and yourself.

There are more things to consider and if you would like to chat further on this – we’d love to answer your questions.  Simply Contact Us.

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