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Does Your Website Say “Don’t Trust Me”?


Four out five users say that being able to trust the information on a given website is very important to them.

Among their concerns are:

  • whether the information they’re reading is accurate
  • if their personal information is secure
  • how their online habits are being watched, recorded and used

What makes a website trustworthy? How do visitors decide which websites are accurate, secure, and ethical?

The list is surprisingly long. In this post we will share with you 10 visual cues that a visitor will pick-up on when visiting your website. These are called “Surface Credibility”.

Make It Easy for Visitors to Contact You

(implementation rating: medium)

Set up a contact form on your website for visitors to reach you. Your Contact link should be always in your navigation menu as the very last link.

Make your address and phone number visible at all times. Don’t want to share your address as you work from home … get a post office box instead.

Provide a Product or Service Guarantee

(implementation rating: easy)

What happens if I’m not happy with your service? People want to know in advance before making a purchase. A guarantee or a refund/return policy can go along way towards building trust in your business.

Provide Staff Bios and Photos

(implementation rating: medium)

People don’t trust anonymous websites. If you don’t show your photo, it could be perceived that you are hiding something or that you are not a legitimate business. People want to look you in the eye, allow them to.

Promote your Awards and Certifications

(implementation rating: easy)

Promoting your accolades isn’t bragging – they are honest recognition of your skills. You are simply informing your visitors that you know what you are talking about. So, if you have received an business award, industry certification, service level award etc. showcase them on your website.

Show Affiliations with Reputable Organization

(implementation rating: easy)

Are you connected or affiliated to a level of government, educational institution, non-profit or another reputable organization? Perhaps you’re service provider, re-seller, partner, sponsor, adviser or serve on a board. If yes, tell the world about it.

Showcase a Portfolio or Client Logos

(implementation rating: easy)

Feature logos of your past and current clients on your site. Depending on your business you can include samples of work that you have done or case studies of businesses that have seen great results after working with you.

Highlight any Press that You have Received

(implementation rating: easy)

Been featured in a magazine, local paper, or industry publication? Include the information on your website. Bonus points for linking to an online article (reputable outbound links are good for you).

Social Media Profiles

(implementation rating: medium)

In the age of social media, it is imperative that businesses have a social media presence. Even with the move to a pay-for-pay model on most platforms, it is important for you to choose a platform (or platforms) where your ideal target hangs out and create and maintain a presence.

Presence of Adverts

(implementation rating: easy)

If your main income does NOT come from ads, don’t use them at all. If you do have a portion of your income that regularly comes from ads, make sure they are not in-your-face annoying.

Maintain a Blog

(implementation rating: medium)

A blog does a couple of crucial things for you. First, it shows your website is constantly updated (unless your most recent blog post was more than a couple of months ago – if so, remove those dates) and it provides information to prove your expertise.

If you are missing valuable trust factors on your site, potential customers are slipping out of your grasp. Don’t let that happen – make these changes today!

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