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What are Concierge Hours

The 4 Chicks offer our core services on an “a la carte” basis. It is a very cost-effective and flexible arrangement that provides you with the assistance you need… when you need it.

Our Concierge Hours are billed at the Coaching /Strategy rate and can be used “2 for 1” at the Tech VA rate.  For more information, download our Concierge Services document.

Need a custom package? Or, look to speak with us about a retainer? Reach out to us at!

Three Ways Concierge Hours Are Awesome

Hassle Free

You don’t need to waste your time or energy figuring out the tech. We handle that for you. You instead focus on serving your clients and growing your business!


Use your time for any of our (or our partner) services when you need. No minimum time to be used and no time restrictions. Where else can you get that kind of freedom?


Depending on the number of hours you invest in, there are some significant savings to be had. And your time can be used over a period of 12 months!

You Submit Your Request – We Work Our Magic – You Focus on Your Business

Concierge Hours Options

Quantity Investment You Save!
10 hours $1500  
20 hours $2900 $ 100
30 hours $4200 $300
40 hours $5400 $600
50 hours $6500 $1500


How are my concierge hours tracked?

All time worked is recorded to the minute.

All of your hours are tracked, recorded and reported each month. You will see exactly how your investment in us was leveraged each and every month.

You (the client) have twelve (12) months from the date of purchase to use the concierge hours you have purchased. We will update you each month with the number of hours you have left, so there are no surprises.

How do I see a balance of my hours

We use project management software to track work done and time spent. Monthly, we will send you a report of work in progress, work completed, and time spent.

You can also reach out to our Customer Support Team if you would like a report generated during the month.

Is there a minimum time for a request

No. If a task takes 1 minute, we will log 1 minute. Unlike other agencies, we do not round up the time to do tasks.

What is not covered by Concierge Hours

Concierge hours do NOT include non-service-based fees such as software licenses, stock images, video, or audio etc.

Expenses for materials are additional and will be invoiced separately, with prior client approval, or we will ask you to purchase these directly so you (not the 4 Chicks) own the licenses.

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