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Changes Coming to ThruPlay for Facebook Video Ads


If you use video in your Facebook ads, read on to learn more about the new ThruPlay optimization and how it will affect your Facebook video ad campaigns.

So, What Is Facebook ThruPlay Ad Optimization Anyway?

ThruPlay is an optimisation and billing option for video ads. It allows Facebook advertisers to pay for ads where the video is played to completion or, for at least 15 seconds. It was introduced to auction and reach and frequency campaigns in September 2018.

What Is Changing With Facebook ThruPlay?

Facebook is now rolling out ThruPlay as the default optimization for ALL video views campaigns (not just auction and reach and frequency campaigns) starting July 31st. This will replace the 10-second video views optimization that is in place currently.

What Do Facebook Advertisers Need To Do?

If you are using video in your Facebook ad campaigns you need to take action..

Starting on July 31, 2019, Facebook will pause EXISTING campaigns that were set up with the 10-second video views optimization. You will need to adjust those campaigns to use the (new) ThruPlay optimization.

When Creating NEW Campaigns You’ll Have Two Options:

ThruPlay: Videos viewed to completion, or for at least 15 seconds. This will be the new default setting.
2-Second Continuous Video Views: Videos viewed for at least 2 consecutive seconds.

In addition to the ad optimization change, Facebook allows you to decide how you want to be billed for video views:

Impressions – each time your ad is served. This will be the default setting.
ThruPlays – when your video is watched to completion or for at least 15 seconds.

In Summary:

Facebook is constantly evolving their platform and the ad-purchasing process.

ThruPlay is an ad optimization that Facebook rolled out as an option for advertisers to achieve more video views to completion or to 15 seconds, whichever comes first.  Their research has shown that this optimization is effective for advertisers to drive results and for this reason, Facebook is now making it the default optimization for video views campaigns.

If you have video views campaigns in progress that are using the (old) 10-second video views optimization, you’ll need to edit your campaigns and change the optimization to either ThruPlays or 2-second continuous views BEFORE July 31, 2019  or these campaigns will be automatically paused.

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