011: The Power of Using LinkedIn as a Business

by Cyndi Fleming-Alton and Benita Samuels | April 16, 2020

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 Cause Marketing is marketing done by a for-profit that seeks to both increase profits and to better society in accordance with corporate social responsibility, such as by including activist messages in advertising.

LinkedIn in a relationship platform.

LinkedIn should ONLY take you 15 mins a day to leverage the platform

Ideas on how to leverage LI or improve your profile: 

  • When you set up profile, your headline generates your business type.
  • Your headline is the most valuable piece of property you have on your LI profile.
  • Tell them what you do and not what your title is.
  • Come from the perspective of your potential client
  • Your Summary is the next most important thing.


Framework.. My summary is “

  1. This is Why People have to hire me
  2. I work with these type of people
  3. This is the prob I solve for you
  4. I deliver this result, and this is how I do it.

Answer these questions in your summary and it does not matter what else they look at in your profile because you’ve answered the “What’s in it for you” question.

Invest the time to find a banner pic that tells a bit about your business. Make it relatable to your audience.

Make sure you have a headshot/profile picture.

If you are a business owner, you should have a business page.

It is not best practice to have your logo as your profile pic.

Include Conversations starters: 

Why you love your work

Understand how you can be of help to someone as to how you can be of help to them

Profile/Headline should be reflective of how you help your audience and include a profile pic.

Sit down and write down what you do, what your audience gets from you, write in the 8 steps you take to complete that. For the next week writing 3 sentences about 3 of those things using open ended questions and post to LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Business

  • Use Hashtags vs Groups
  • No more than 3 hashtags
  • If you create your own hashtag, you’re talking to yourself because no one is following i
  • Create a list of 10 and vary them with your post to attack more like-minded people
  • Think about what your audience may be searching for when using information on LinkedIn
  • is an automation tool where the API code is not detectable

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