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770 Million Email Addresses Compromised


You may have heard in the news recently that over 770 million email addresses were shared online in the largest data breach in history. That is not a typo … 770 million.

Security and privacy lawyers are speculating that 2019 will bring a digital crisis unlike what we have seen in the past. No longer can we continue to believe that only the biggest organizations are at risk. Or that the only area of vulnerability is a security breach.

We don’t want you or your business to be one of these stats.

To help you identify any security, privacy, or organizational vulnerabilities you may have we have created this comprehensive checklist.  Simply complete the form below and the Protect Your ASSets in 7 Areas checklist will be on its way to your inbox.

If you have any questions on the list, your results, or anything else, please feel free to send us a message through our contact form.

p.s. also check your email address(s) at the link below to see whether you have an account that has been compromised in this or another data breach.

Have I Been Pwned

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