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10 Reasons It May Be Time For A Website Makeover


Your Website Looks Outdated

Web design trends and standards change swiftly.  If your site is even a few years old, it may have already started to look out of date.  These days, it’s all about clean design and straightforward navigation.  If your website is unclear, a chaotic mess, or hasn’t been updated in years, it’s time for a new design.

A recent study conducted found that when describing why participants mistrusted a website, 94% of the comments were design-related while only 6% of the reasons for distrusting a website were content-related.

It Is Not Mobile Friendly

According to 2018 stats, over 52% of searches through Google are done on a mobile device.  In the U.S. a massive 25% of users only access the internet through a mobile, meaning if your website isn’t optimized for mobile, now is the time to re-design.

User experience can make or break a business, and if you don’t want to lose your share of the market, you need to adapt and optimize to the latest trends in mobile browsing.

Your Website Visitors Are Not Converting

There are some really good web analytics indicators to let you know if your current site is not performing as it should … high bounce rate, low time spent on site etc.

Similarly, if you want a good ROI from your website, but you’re not getting conversions, it’s probably time to reconsider both your website design and your calls to action.   By taking into consideration your audience and your objectives before you design you will almost certainly see an upsurge in both leads and traffic.

Your Brand Or Messaging Has Changed

If the look or ‘feel’ of your website doesn’t align with your target audience and current message, it is time to bring those two into alignment.  Your website is one of your most significant assets, and it is important to get it right.

Your Business Has Outgrown Your Site

Your business will change and develop over time, meaning a site that did its job in 2009 may not in 2019.  If your tech does not support the functionality you want or need or as your business has grown you have added functionality or content haphazardly, then it is time to design anew and watch your biz skyrocket!

You Are Still Using Flash

If your site still uses Flash, it’s a guarantee you’re website needs some love.  Flash is finished and has been years.  iPhone and iPad do not support it, and modern browsers cannot read it.

Your Website Has Low Search Engine Rankings

Algorithms on leading search engine providers change regularly and if your rankings are low on any given search engine, it’s a sure sign that you need to update.  Previously, it was vital for SEO to pad your content with as many keywords as you could think of.  Now it’s more about novel, high-quality content on your site.

If your site content wasn’t created with current SEO developments in mind, or it’s hidden inside Flash elements or images, you guessed it … it’s time for an update.

Your Site Is Slow In Loading

Having a super-fast loading site not only ensures your customers stay, but that they also have a good site experience.

KISSmetrics recently stated that 47% of consumers have expectations that a web page will load in 2 seconds or less, and a whopping 40% of will ditch a site that takes more than three.

You are jeopardizing any potential customers if your site is sluggish.  Plus you will also damage your search engine rankings.

There are so many ways a reputable developer can up your speed, and yes, that may include a redesign.

Maintaining Your Website Is Too Much Work

Honestly, if it takes way too much work to keep your content fresh, chances are you are going to bother.  Content management systems (CMS) are constantly evolving and (if your structure and theme support it)  there just isn’t an excuse for not keeping your content current.  It’s key for your ranking, your user experience, and your conversion rate and … you got it … if this is a hassle you need to look at a revamp (or build a good team to support you).

Your URL Is Embarrassing

Lastly, if you’re ashamed to give your out URL or if people frequently misspell or mispronounce your URL, it’s unquestionably time to update that site!

So if you are looking to re-ignite your website with a new lease on life, speak to the 4 Chicks today.  Our team of design and marketing pros would love to jump on a no-hassle, no-obligation, all about you complimentary call.

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